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"Ay tank it blow purty soon purty hard," he said, and then

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6. Lady Elizabeth, who married Sir John Brown of Coalstown.

7. Lady Jean, married Sir Thomas Stewart of Balcaskie.

8. Lady Anne, who married the Hon. John Sinclair, son of Lord Murkle, and died in 1740.

The Earl married, secondly, Margaret, Countess of Wemyss, without issue. He died in 1714, was buried at Dingwall, and succeeded by his eldest son,

II. JOHN MACKENZIE, second Earl of Cromarty. He does not appear to have taken a prominent part in public affairs, and he kept out of the Rising of 1715. Notwithstanding the division which had been made of the family estates to secure suitable provision for the two Baronetcies, his Lordship still possessed extensive possessions in the Counties of Ross, Inverness, Elgin, and Fife. He married, first, Lady Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of the first Earl of Aboyne, without issue. He afterwards divorced her and married, secondly, the Hon. Mary Murray, daughter of the third Lord Elibank, with issue--

1. Lord George, his heir and successor.

2. Captain Roderick, who married twice, with issue--Captain Kenneth of Cromarty, who succeeded to the estates in 1789, and died without issue male in 1796 and a daughter.

3. Lord William who died at sea, without issue.