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4. Davidson, a squatter in Australia, married, with issue.

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5. Wilhelmina, who married Alexander MacTavish, Town Clerk of Inverness, with issue--(1) Alastair, who went to New Zealand and there married Jeanie Halse, of Wellington, with issue--Alastair Henry; Hector; and Elsie; (2) William Tavish MacTavish, Procurator-Fiscal for the Tam District of Ross and Cromarty; (3) Mary who married Ranald Macdonald of Morar, with issue; and (4) Catharine, who died unmarried.

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6. Maria, residing at Inverness, unmarried.

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7. Jean Fraser, who in 1844 married William Murray, tacksman of Kilcoy, son of Francis Murray of Ardconnon Old Meldrum, with issue--(1) Francis, an indigo planter in Kurnoul, Tirhoot, who married, in 1875 Eliza Annabella, daughter of John Mackenzie, Teetwarpore, Tirhoot, with issue--Francis Mackenzie, Walter William Macdonald, Jean Fraser, Gertrude Mary, Florence Wilhelmina, and Lisette Julia; (2) William, tacksman of Bellfield, North Kessock; (3) Alexander, a fruit-grower in Australia, and editor of the Mildewa Irrigationist. He marred Catherine, daughter of William Mackenzie, C,E., New South Wales; (4) Robert Davidson, Surgeon-Major Bengal Army. He married Mary, daughter of Surgeon-General Mackay, Madras Army, of the family of Bighouse, with issue. (5) James, M.D., practising in Inverness. He married Cecil, daughter of John Scott, S.S.C., Toronto, with issue--two daughters, Violet Cecil, and Janetta. (6) Edward Mackenzie, an indigo planter at Mungulghur Tirhoot, who in 1893 married Annie Isabel Kingsburgh, second daughter of General John Macdonald, Cheltenham, great-great-grandson of the famous Flora Macdonald. (7) Alfred Aberdein, an indigo planter in Tirhoot. He married Kathleen, daughter of John Fraser Mackenzie of Belsund, Tirhoot, with issue--a son Colin. (8) Mary Jane Elsie, who on the 5th of December, 1883, married John Hamilton Fasson, Bengal Civil Service, with issue--Herbert, born in 1885; Elsie Isabel and Hilda. (9) Isabella Leslie.


KENNETH, VII. of Kintail, had a fourth son by his second marriage with Agnes of Lovat, from whom descended the families of Suddie, Inverlael, Little Findon, Ord, Langwell, Highfield, and several minor branches. The three first named being long extinct in the male line, it is needless to enter further into detail than is necessary to show their intermarriages with other Mackenzie families. The progenitor of these branches was known as

I. KENNETH MACKENZIE, first of Killichrist. He was Priest of Avoch, Chaunter of Ross, and perpetual Curate and Vicar of Coirbents, or Conventh. He resigned this vicarage into the hands of Pope Paulus in favour of the Priory of Beauly. There is a presentation by James, Bishop of Moray, to Mr Kenneth Mackenzie, of the vicarage of Conventh, dated June 27, 1518. [Antiquarian Notes, p. 100] He has a charter of the lands of Suddie from James V. in 1526. He would not refrain from marriage, notwithstanding the orders of the Roman Church promulgated some time previously, and the Bishop attempted to depose him with the result described at pp. 107-108. He married Helen, daughter of Robert Loval of Balumbie, Forfarshire; his brother, John of Killin, IX. of Kintail, and his wife's father being parties to the contract of marriage, dated 1539, by which it was agreed that in case of his decease before her she is to have an annuity of 600 merks Scots and other perquisites. By her Kenneth had issue--

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.